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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

#trilliondollarfunds. The Canadian Mutual Fund Industry is worth more than $1 Trillion. What’s your share? Get a Free Portfolio Reviiew
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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Funds Canada

Mutual Funds Canada the best place on the Internet to do your research on Canadian mutual funds and investment funds.

Since 1980 the mutual fund industry has grown from 25 billion to over 700 billion dollars in to the late 2010's and it is a stable industry with a reasonably good market place that has room to grow even more.

There are at times over 100 mutual fund companies and investment fund companies that are all vying for the same investment dollar that Canadians investors can put together individuals, institutions and foreign investment. These investment management companies differ in many ways in the new age of standard and alternative investments.

Highly organized and classifieds funds now all fall into one sector and area and can be compared relatively by similarity and performance. All Mutual Fund Companies general have a family of funds that may have a particular focus on any one or a combination of these specific investing categories.

Mutual Funds Canada affords to get you all the information you need at a glance to understand the mutual fund market with smart and intuitive live charts and detailed reports that you need to make decisions that make a difference in your experience with a more efficient marketplace with tools and technology that encourages a healthy advisor client relationship.

The top 10 mutual funds in over 50 categories are available online at Mutual Funds Canada and is the most sophisticated and meaningful charts and information you and your financial advisor need to discuss.

There are over 4000 mutual and investment funds available to choose from that is why we always encourage investing with advice and superior knowledge, insight and strategy. Mutual fund dealers, mutual fund representatives and independent mutual fund advisors are all part of the important Advisor Channel and is the best way and most efficient way mutual fund companies distribute funds and facilitate investors buying them.

All financial products are sold  and not bought and should be dispensed with knowledge, care and good advice.

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